Must-Seethe TV: FCC Complaints

Everybody's a critic. And now, thanks to the FCC's easy online complaint submission form, it's never been easier to direct those criticisms to the people that need to hear it most - the United States Federal government. This project aims to collect all the FCC complaints generated by the most critically-acclaimed programs on cable and network television ... as well as plenty of those less critically-acclaimed guilty pleasures at you still don't want to see cancelled any time soon.


Adult Swim

Adventure Time


The Colbert Report

CNN Tonight

Duck Dynasty

Game of Thrones


Gravity Falls


The O’Reilly Factor

Rick and Morty

Sons of Anarchy

Network Shows

30 Rock

The Big Bang Theory

Dancing With The Stars



How I Met Your Mother

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Law and Order: SVU

The Office

Parks and Recreation

Public Broadcasting

Downton Abbey


Alex Jones

Nancy Grace

Dom Lemon


College Radio Stations (Boston)

This American Life


Special Events

2013 Academy Awards

2013 MTV VMAs

75th Golden Globes

Net Neutrality

Super Bowl XLVI

Superbowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLII

2016 Presidential Primary Debates

Image by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr and is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

49 Articles

Super Bowl LIII FCC complaints are mostly people mad about Adam Levine's nipples

Super Bowl LIII FCC complaints are mostly people mad about Adam Levine’s nipples

Federal Communications Commission complaints about the Super Bowl are an annual tradition here at MuckRock, and after a string of rather lackluster offerings in recent years, we’re happy to report that the latest batch shows the country is back in fine moral outrage form.

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FCC complaints accuse Jim Acosta of "disrespecting the president"

FCC complaints accuse Jim Acosta of “disrespecting the president”

A handful of complaints received by the Federal Communications Commission on the day of Jim Acosta’s now-infamous press conference accuse CNN of creating a “climate of mistrust and violence” by promoting, you guessed it, “fake news.”

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FCC complaints allege "Lucifer" is a plot to bring about the apocalypse

FCC complaints allege “Lucifer” is a plot to bring about the apocalypse

Recently released FCC complaints about the police procedural Lucifer show that the series not only drew ire for the usual reasons (sex and violence), but for something far, far more sinister: being a plot by the literal devil to corrupt humanity, summon the Four Horsemen, and bring about the apocalypse.

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