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Police Union Contracts: Requirements for Records and Accountability

Launched by Beryl Lipton
Marcos ValtierraFuerte, Clay Goode, Austin Spillar and 96 others helped

What does the local police union contract provide for benefits, transparency, and accountability? We’d like to help you better understand labor protections afforded local law enforcement.

There are roughly 18,000 police departments in the country, so add as many as you like and please share this Assignment with anyone.

Your name will not be used on any public records requests submitted as a result of your submission. Your name will not be shared with anywhere at all unless you select that you would like it shared publicly.

You can find all requests submitted as part of this Assignment here.

What's your FOIA question?

Launched by Beryl Lipton
Mason C. Turner, Julie schaul, amanda jean anderson and 17 others helped

Requesting public records can be an intimidating process to many, even frequent filers. What are the FOI questions you’ve been afraid to ask? What are the nitty-gritty details you haven’t been able to track down?

Wondering whether police records are available in Michigan? Want to know who your contractors are in California?

Let us know. You may see your question featured in a special FOIA 101 feature.

Your police department's policy on use of force

Launched by Beryl Lipton
MarySara Rojas, Amanda England, Michael Williams and 65 others helped

A policing agency’s use of force is supposed to be governed by its policy. Figure out where your local police department is falling short by looking at the use of force policy. Start by requesting it. Submit your local policing agency or city and state below, and MuckRock will file a request for the applicable use of force policy. Just let us know where we should ask. Find all requests submitted as part of this Assignment on the Use of Force project page.

The cost of settling police misconduct

Launched by Beryl Lipton
Mikayla Tomasi, Austin Spillar, Emma Rubin and 178 others helped

Police misconduct is often hidden from public view and settling the lawsuits that result can be a regularly costly business for police departments.  Police departments in the United States spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to pay the victims of these crimes. 

Help us shine a light on misconduct settlements in your town. Submit the name of a city and state. We’ll handle the rest.

You can find all submitted requests and more about this initiative on the project page.