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What's your FOIA question?

Launched by Beryl Lipton

Requesting public records can be an intimidating process to many, even frequent filers. What are the FOI questions you’ve been afraid to ask? What are the nitty-gritty details you haven’t been able to track down?

Wondering whether police records are available in Michigan? Want to know who your contractors are in California?

Let us know. You may see your question featured in a special FOIA 101 feature.

Your police department's policy on use of force

Launched by Beryl Lipton
Barry Fradkin, ryanpitts, Jon McFarlane and 19 others helped

A policing agency’s use of force is supposed to be governed by its policy. There are a few elements that could help reduce police violence when they’re included explicitly in a police department’s use of force policy.

Figure out where your local police department is falling short by looking at the use of force policy. Start by requesting it.

Submit your local policing agency or city and state below, and MuckRock will file a request for the applicable use of force policy.

We’ll submit a request for this record on your behalf. Just let us know where we should ask.

Find additional use of force policies here.

The cost of settling police misconduct

Launched by Beryl Lipton
Mikayla Tomasi, Emma Rubin, Canese Jarboe and 102 others helped

Police misconduct is often hidden from public view and settling the lawsuits that result can be a regularly costly business for police departments.  Police departments in the United States spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to pay the victims of these crimes. 

Help us shine a light on misconduct settlements in your town. Submit the name of a city and state. We’ll handle the rest.

Governments in Crisis: state and local responses to COVID-19

Launched by Katlyn Alapati
Katlyn Alo and Rachael Martinez helped

We are logging state and local government measures taken in response to the spread of the coronavirus strain that causes the disease COVID-19. Part of this collection will be storing files — primarily, PDF declarations of a state of emergency and other executive orders. This MuckRock Assignment is intended to break those documents down into the measures they contain. The aim of this project is to better understand how states and local governments are responding to this public health crisis.

Read the Contributor’s guide before submitting to this assignment and record your work in the Document log.

Each submission to this assignment should be a single measure. A government directive, such as a governor’s executive order, may contain many measures.

We intend to write these measures into a catalogue of government efforts to deal with the spread of coronavirus and lessen its impact. We hope this resource will help people compare what measures are and are not being taken in their communities and better understand the realm of possible government action in response to a health crisis like this one. The files will be stored in a DocumentCloud Beta project with the same title: Governments in Crisis: state a local responses to COVID-19.