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Family Separation Complaints

Launched by
Carley Winn, sunnyplaze, MurphB and 70 others helped

Each row represents a complaint submitted to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. These records were provided by the Center for Public Integrity, and your participation will help us go through these records and learn more.

For each page provided, select one row to work on. For that row, please consult the instructions beneath each field for further clarification and fill in the fields as appropriate,

Many of these pages can be difficult to see. If you cannot zoom in on your current browser, consider opening the full document via the “View Document” link below each document image or click the “read text” link (also located below the document image) to see an OCRed version of the page.


When you’ve completed as many questions as you can, please submit your response using the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page. If you want to submit your responses but stay on the same page and work on another row, please select the button “Submit and Add Another”.

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Help make water privatization more transparent! Food & Water Watch and MuckRock invite you to add your area to our investigation.

Launched by Beryl Lipton
Georgina, Alex Harris, Dustin and 13 others helped

Funding to maintain and upgrade our municipal water systems has plunged on a per capita basis since the 1970s, and private water companies are looking to capitalize off of vulnerabilities that a $35 billion a year funding gap presents.

MuckRock and Food & Water Watch are working on a joint project to identify and shed a light on efforts to privatize the country’s public water system. The organizations will be submitting public records requests to the largest water systems in the United States – from Puerto Rico to California and in between – looking for the latest corporate attempts to absorb community water supplies into their revenue streams.

We also want to hear from you about management concerns and privatization efforts near you.

Let us know which cities or water systems you care about, and we’ll submit a public records request to learn more.

Help MuckRock understand the extent of the rape kit backlog

Launched by Vanessa Nason
Bill Adams, Plainjane1122, Sarah Schomp and 10 others helped

Thousands upon thousands of sexual assault evidence collection kits have gone untested and the crimes perpetrated unpunished. MuckRock is starting a crowdsourced effort to understand the extent of the problem in cities and towns across the country. Help the cause by simply inputting your local town, county, or law enforcement agency in the form below.