MuckRock Financial Information

MuckRock's ongoing operations are primarily funded by user payments and subscriptions as well as small donations and sales of merchandise. You can make a donation here, or check out our latest merchandise.

We are incredibly grateful for the institutional support we've received through grants and pro bono or in-kind assistance that has allowed us to invest in growing our services. Below is a list of major grants, donations, and grantors we have received over the years. By policy, MuckRock discloses any donors who contribute $5,000 or more in a calendar year.

Organization Year Awarded Amount
Sunlight Foundation 2010 $‎5,000
Freedom of the Press Foundation 2013 $‎16,000
Tow-Knight Center 2013 $‎25,000
Fund for Investigative Journalism 2013 $‎5,000
Knight Foundation 2014 $‎35,000
Laura and John Arnold Foundation 2016 $97,400
Laura and John Arnold Foundation 2017 $65,600
The Kindle Project of the Common Counsel Foundation 2017 $10,000
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 2017 $1,000
Heron Oaks Foundation 2017 $5,200
Knight Foundation 2017 $140,000
Democracy Fund 2017 $100,000
Sam Whitmore Media Survey 2018 $20,000
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 2018 $5,000
News Integrity Initiative 2018 $125,000
Knight Foundation 2018 $80,000
Democracy Fund 2018 $100,000
Reynolds Journalism Institute 2018 $20,000
Ethics and Governance of AI (EGAI), administered by The Miami Foundation 2019 $150,000
Fund for Nonprofit News at The Miami Foundation 2019 $13,331.75
Aspen Institute 2020 $20,000
Google News Initiative 2020 $150,000
Stanford University 2020 $36,000
StartSmall 2021 $500,000
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 2021 $300,000
Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web 2022 $550,000

We are also grateful to a number of attorneys and law firms which have provided pro bono assistance over the years:

We are also grateful to the Boston Globe, which gave us free office space for five years, from 2011 to 2016, as part of its media lab.

MuckRock 990 filings

In early 2016, the MuckRock Foundation, Inc. was granted non-profit status and formally acquired the assets of MuckRock, LLC. Our 990 filings will be posted below as they are completed each year:

You can also review the MuckRock Foundation's bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.