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Your state doesn’t need to have a private prison to use one

Vermont’s supply of a few hundred prisoners is set to close a Michigan prison this summer. If all of them go home, just Hawaii and California will remain as states that outsource their inmates to out-of-state for-profit prisons.

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The Centers for Disease Control’s missing biolabs

When Bradley Campbell asked the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for a list of all their labs operating at the highest biosafety level - and therefore dealing with the deadliest pathogens - the CDC rejected the request on national security grounds, claiming thy could “neither confirm nor deny” that information. When Campbell pushed back, their response was somewhat troubling: they didn’t have the list.

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Homeland Security downplays threat of domestic terrorism

Despite the larger number of terror attacks committed by right-wing groups than Islamist extremists, the former are identified as a “persistent but largely limited threat” in a 2015 presentation by Homeland Security.

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New Mexico town nixes plan to consolidate sex offenders in a nearby private prison

A year ago, the New Mexico Department of Corrections tried to change private operators for its sex offender population. Soon after, citizens stepped up to say no.

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Oakland Police and Alameda County District Attorney enter into five year cell site simulator sharing agreement

A recently released Memorandum of Understanding from December shows that Oakland Police have entered into a five year no-cost contract for utilization access of the Alameda County District Attorney’s cell site simulator surveillance equipment.

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