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A look through CIA’s declassified Bilderberg files

The annual Bilderberg Conference is shrouded in nearly as much mystery as CIA itself, with a number of conspiracy theories that seeing these meetings of the elite as where the strings of the world are pulled. Mike Best reviewed references to Bilderberg in the CREST archive, and while there weren’t many, they were enlightening.

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How the FBI thwarted a non-existent plot to assassinate Margaret Thatcher

February, 1981. In a smoky bar in Alexandria, Virginia, an FBI informant just happens to overhear a conversation that could change the course of the free world: a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. If that sounds a bit too contrived to be true, well, that might explain why the Bureau couldn’t find any evidence that it was.

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FOIA Genius: A public records breakdown of Killer Mike’s “Reagan”

Using the annotation tool provided by the folks at Genius, MuckRock’s added a few of our own notes to Killer Mike’s 2012 lyrical takedown of the prison-industrial complex, “Reagan.”

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Keep ’em filing: MuckRock looking for more volunteer in-state proxies

To keep filing in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware and New Hampshire, MuckRock needs your help. In return, you’ll get a free Pro account and the knowledge that you’re helping muckrakers across the country keep government accountable.

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Stories FOIA told this week dies in darkness

Listen up big boys and girls, it’s our weekly series looking at the stories public records made possible.

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