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The on again, off again relationship between FOIA and White House visitor logs

Until late in George W. Bush’s administration, White House visitor logs appeared to receive only occasional attention, but unless current legal efforts are successful, whatever access to the public had to seeing who stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave might soon be gone for good.

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Joint Terrorism Task Force shared intelligence on Aryan Brotherhood, Anonymous … and Occupy Wall Street

Back in 2011, the FBI’s Memphis field office hosted an intelligence briefing for the local Joint Terrorism Task Force. Topics included the latest issue of Inspire magazine, “white powder” letters, and updates on the notorious domestic terror groups Aryan Nations, Anonymous, and Occupy Wall Street.

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Join our project to understand - and end - the extent of the rape kit backlog

Thousands upon thousands of sexual assault evidence collection kits have gone untested and the crimes perpetrators unpunished. MuckRock is starting a crowdsourced effort to understand the extent of the problem in cities and towns across the country.

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Government-owned cannabinoid patent not enough to convince DEA of marijuana’s medical use

Is taking out a patent on the medical uses of marijuana’s primary drug component an acknowledgement that, yes, marijuana has some health-beneficial effects? Not according to the DEA.

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Five law enforcement agencies that don’t want you looking at their protest records

In trying to learn more about how police respond to demonstrations, MuckRock has been consistently met with exemptions and pushback, often with entire records releases being denied. Let us curate the five worst examples of this we have come across in the last few months.

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