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Private prisons still pose plenty of unanswered questions

Private prisons face many of the same obstacles as their public counterparts: drugs, violence, rowdy inmates or rowdy correctional officers. But their operations and how they manage these ubiquitous issues remain a black spot on the corrections ecosystem.

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The Vanishing Octopus: Justice Department changes the FBI’s story on Danny Casolaro’s file

The Department of Justice appears to have retroactively declared that 98% of the FBI file on the journalist Danny Casolaro was and still is missing, despite the FBI seeming to say they had found it.

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Getting records from Massachusetts State Police continues to be a challenge - even after you pay for them

After pocketing $180 in fees for a public records request, the Massachusetts State Police turned around and attempted to convince the state supervisor of public records that the agency didn’t have to turn the records over.

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Five ways private prisons break the rules - and get away with it

Private prisons have received increased scrutiny in the last few years, and Inspectors General and independent investigations have found more than a few questionable habits behind one of the government’s top contracting agents.

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DAPL threat assessment paints nonviolent Standing Rock protestors as unruly mob, defends use of attack dogs as “protection”

A threat assessment by a local fusion center on the Standing Rock protests recently released to MuckRock presents a lopsided view of the conflict, with guards and law enforcement subject to unfair treatment on social media for their use of dogs as “protection,” and retaliatory public shaming for racist Facebook posts about Native Americans.

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