About MuckRock

MuckRock Foundation is a nonprofit, collaborative news site and public resource that brings together journalists, researchers, activists and regular citizens to request, analyze and share government documents, making politics more transparent and democracies more informed.

MuckRock provides a repository of hundreds of thousands of pages of original government materials, information on how to file requests and tools to make the requesting process easier. MuckRock is committed to supporting engaging, transparent journalism through projects like DocumentCloud, which thousands of newsrooms use to analyze, annotate and publish primary source documents and oTranscribe, a browser utility that makes transcribing audio files easier. Our Accounts service allows external projects like Big Local and Agenda Watch to make their tools available to newsrooms and journalists, without duplicating our account verification infrastructure.

Get Started!

Our extensive database of local, county, state and federal agencies makes it easy to request public records from any jurisdiction in the United States. Government materials on MuckRock are available free of charge and, with some exceptions, without restriction. Filing requests through MuckRock starts at just $20 to file up to four requests, which includes advice, postage, follow-up and hosting of the materials in an easy-to-use format.

In addition to its services, training and support programs, MuckRock operates a hybrid newsroom and journalism support organization. The news team works on original editorial projects, including both collaborative and independent reporting efforts, on issues of public importance. MuckRock's unique form of investigative and accountability journalism has produced projects on government spending, surveillance and public health and safety. Our editorial independence policy has more detail about our editorial mission and republication guidelines.

MuckRock’s original and collaborative journalism projects have led to both federal and state policy change across the United States, inspired government transparency offshoots in other countries and has been awarded dozens of awards for its work. For more information about MuckRock’s impact, our project page is updated with our latest coverage and includes open-records requests filed on MuckRock, methodologies, case studies and data repositories.

MuckRock is a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) and Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION).