Title Owner Tasks Completed
Crowdsourcing ideas   Michael Morisy 0
Help us build an FCC complaint Twitter bot   Must-Seethe TV: FCC Complaints 51 out of 492
Share your sample FOIA or public records appeal   Michael Morisy 4
Join the MuckRock FOIA Slack   Michael Morisy 9
Rate We Rate Dogs' Dog Ratings   Michael Morisy 18 out of 180
Help explore Donald Rumsfeld's Snowflakes   Samantha Hankins 1,415 out of 2,739
c   Caleb Wursten 1 out of 3
Help us uncover hidden Conversion Therapy programs   Protecting LGBTQ+ Youth from Conversion Therapy 6
Policing the Police: Domestic Violence   Disturbance: How States Fail To Treat Domestic Violence As A Crime 14
What's the policy on public records at your college?   Beryl Lipton 17
Help us dig through the CIA's declassified archives.   Unearthing CREST: CIA's Declassified Archives 5
Private Prison Feedback Line.   Beryl Lipton 1
Sunshine Spotlight: Massachusetts   Caitlin Russell 3
Help MuckRock understand the extent of the rape kit backlog   Counting the Uncounted: The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Project 3
Phone Calls from Prison   Phone Calls from Prison 2
Tennessee Valley Authority Talking Points.   FOIA March Madness 2018 97 out of 97
Vera Rubin - FBI File   Beryl Lipton 0 out of 3
News Nerds in Residence, Summer 2018   Michael Morisy 5
Baseball Nostalgia   Samantha Hankins 4
Timothy Leary   Beryl Lipton 74 out of 74