Title Owner Tasks Completed
Crowdsourcing ideas   Michael Morisy 0
Help us build an FCC complaint Twitter bot   Must-Seethe TV: FCC Complaints 228 out of 492
Share your sample FOIA or public records appeal   Michael Morisy 5
Join the MuckRock FOIA Slack   Michael Morisy 49
Rate We Rate Dogs' Dog Ratings   Michael Morisy 19 out of 180
Help explore Donald Rumsfeld's Snowflakes   Michael Morisy 1,421 out of 2,739
Help us uncover hidden Conversion Therapy programs   Protecting LGBTQ+ Youth from Conversion Therapy 8
Potential Stories and Records Issues   MuckRock Staff Check Ins 17
Policing the Police: Domestic Violence   Disturbance: How States Fail To Treat Domestic Violence As A Crime 19
What's the policy on public records at your college?   Beryl Lipton 18
Help us dig through the CIA's declassified archives.   Unearthing CREST: CIA's Declassified Archives 11
Private Prison Feedback Line.   Beryl Lipton 11
Sunshine Spotlight: Massachusetts   Caitlin Russell 4
Help MuckRock understand the extent of the rape kit backlog   Counting the Uncounted: The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Project 5
Phone Calls from Prison   Phone Calls from Prison 6
News Nerds in Residence Rolling Application   Michael Morisy 9
Baseball Nostalgia   Samantha Hankins 4
Timothy Leary   Beryl Lipton 74 out of 74
Add to the Subjects Matter: FBI Files Project   Subjects Matter: FBI Files 20
Wyoming Prison Phone Contracts.   Phone Calls from Prison 2 out of 11
Sample Chicago Votes Tabulator   City Bureau Test 0 out of 30
Sample Chicago Meetings Details   City Bureau Test 1 out of 30
What should we know?   Beryl Lipton 2
MuckRock Editorial Internship Application   JPat Brown 13
Municipal Investments   Municipal Investments 92