"It is sensationalized cruelty" Game of Thrones FCC Complaints

“It is sensationalized cruelty” Game of Thrones FCC Complaints

“Why is it they are not required to notify the viewer in advance of such acts?”

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The award winning HBO series Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novels, has a reputation for eliciting outrage from nearly everyone who encounters it. Fans are forced to sit idly by as their favorite characters are systematically beheaded, impaled, or roasted by dragons week after painful week. But, while a large subset of the television-viewing population has a problem with GoT, there are few among us who would brazenly seek retribution by way of the FCC.

This viewer took issue with the show’s “open homosexual perverted sex acts” and would seem to have preferred some spoilers before watching.

Another was upset that his television wasn’t working properly and warned “this episode will not be available after 6/23/15.” In a stroke of bad luck for this individual, it would seem that the FCC did not get that memo.

One viewer used the streaming issues to invoke his rights saying, “the blocking of HBO Go is in direct conflict with the free flow of data as per the recent net neutrality decision.”

But among those dealing with television glitches, and the “depraved type of content,” there emerged one brave freedom fighter who sought to enlist the FCC itself to take down the system and “the shock jocks that are out to offend for fame and fortune.” The viewer begins by denouncing the trailer shown before the episode.

The individual then moved on to Youtube, pornography, “adult ‘rights,’” and the use of nudity in entertainment.

And who better to help police this realm of “sensationalized cruelty,” full of those who “do not wish for decency or a proper time and place” than the FCC?

The viewer ends with a powerful call to action saying “there are still people out there who are not warped and perverted” and asks the FCC to “help us, not them.”

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