"A pagan Luciferian ritual" Super Bowl XLVI FCC complaints

“A pagan Luciferian ritual” Super Bowl XLVI FCC complaints

“Flipping off America, and Flipping off my Family”

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While M.I.A. may yet face a steep fine for extending her middle-finger during last month’s Super Bowl half-time show, written complaints fielded by the Federal Communications Commission about the performance numbered fewer than 200.

The complaints came mostly from parents, who expressed “utter disgust” at the singer’s antics in front of an estimated 110 million viewers.

Broadcaster NBC, the National Football League and headliner Madonna had all been under scrutiny leading up to the performance, with Madonna promising there would be no “wardrobe malfunctions” - a reference to the 2004 half-time show when a “wardrobe malfunction” ended up exposing Janet Jackon’s breast.

“This is why I do not have tv and do not allow my kids to watch it,” an FCC complaint from Sacramento stated. “I thought ok its the superbowl what could happen? Obviously I was wrong for thinking the FCC was handling stuff like this. Wrong again.”

While reactions ranged from one Michigian family holding an emergency meeting to discuss M.I.A.’s middle finger salute, others read more into the performance than the gesture.

Indeed, a handful of letters said the entire performance was either Illuminati-based or, as one Auburn, WA viewer put it, “Madonna was doing a pagan Luciferian ritual … Disgusting.”

“Shame on NBC for putting a 50+ year old woman named Madonna in such a provocative and obscene Illuminati halftime show complete with ancient Egyptian symbolism and a Baphomet head dress,” another email stated.

Another viewer, writing in from Lathrup Village, MI, stated that until “class acts” made it on the air, the Super Bowl shouldn’t be beamed into homes. “Do GOSPEL ARTISTS ever get invited or are you part of the satanic agenda to corrupt children and families too?!!! Get some class please!!!!”

While the analysis varied widely, the most consistent demand was that M.I.A. be fined, with one viewer even demanding the FCC “fine her enough to make her homeless.”

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