"A direct insult and near hate crime" MythBusters' FCC complaints

“A direct insult and near hate crime” MythBusters’ FCC complaints

“As a Catholic, what I see and hear is: ‘Hail Mary, explosion, Hail Mary, paint being sprayed, Hail Mary, stuff dropped from heights.’“

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For over a decade, MythBusters has been using the scientific method to dismantle popular misconceptions, one controlled explosion at a time. But as FCC complaints released to Chris Meller show, you can’t bust a couple hundred myths without making a few enemies.

Now, as we’ve seen before, some viewers really do not like being reminded that they possess genitals. One would think that on a program as protective-layer friendly as MythBusters, that would be a non-issue — but then, out of nowhere, comes advertisements for fellow Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid, with its insufficient blurring.

That said, even MythBusters isn’t immune to charges of indecency, with one viewer finding subliminal smut in, appropriately enough, a mushroom cloud:

The show was also taken to task for its mild profanity, with Adam and Jamie taking their place alongside Ira Glass in the Sinister Cabal of Child Desensitizers.

One viewer was deeply offended with the Discovery Channel’s use of Ave Maria to promote the show, calling it a “direct insult” and a “near hate crime” to the Catholic Church.

And finally, we have one viewer who just wants to enjoy his show without all those damn tweets popping up all over the place.

Read the full complaints embedded below or on the request page.

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