"Indecent obscene and indecent" The Big Bang Theory FCC complaints

“Indecent obscene and indecent” The Big Bang Theory FCC complaints

“You are sick producers of worthless content.”

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CBS’ The Big Bang Theory recently kicked off of its ninth season to an audience of over 18 million viewers. Despite its seemingly unwavering popularity, the sitcom’s pastiche of nerd culture has earned its fair share of critics - the most ardent of which, FCC complaints show, are calling upon the government to yank the show from the airwaves.

Most of the complaints, released via a Freedom of Information Act request by MuckRock’s Michael Morisy, are less concerned about inaccurate depictions of Star Trek fandom than they are, as one user puts it, “the mention of intimate relations.”

Beyond the blue (more like aquamarine, really) humor, viewers also accused the the show of promoting such evils as animal cruelty …

bullying (with bonus accusation of defaming NASA) …

mechanically-assisted onanism …

sexual assault …

testicular abuse …

And … whatever this is.

In terms of sheer effort-to-offense ratio, a few complaints stand out, taking umbrage with the title cards shown at the end of Chuck Lorre productions.

For reference, here’s one of the offending title cards …

Image via ChuckLorreVanityCard.tumblr.com

…which are typically aired for somewhere between a half-second to a whole three seconds. If you need TiVo to get your dander up, your dander might be better applied elsewhere.

Read the full complaints embedded below or on the request page.

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