"The most sadistic program on TV" Sons of Anarchy FCC complaints

“The most sadistic program on TV” Sons of Anarchy FCC complaints

“I hate to think that people are watching this and we walk among them.”

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Sons of Anarchy will have been off the air for a full year in December, leaving fans of motorcycle gang family/crime dramas featuring heavy Shakespearean undertones with little to fill the void. Every cloud has a silver lining, however, as FCC complaints released to Dustin Slaughter show the show’s ending saved at least one concerned parent a trip to Washington to get it yanked from the airwaves.

As is so often the case, the overwhelming majority of grievances were regarding sexual content, particularly the depiction of posteriors …

and as one viewer puts it, “graphic fornication.”

In fact, a third of the complaints appear to be centered around a single segment from the Season 2 episode “Fix,” which prominently featured both. Once viewer wasn’t even sure if what they had seen was actually “simulated” sex …

while another, indignant over having to explain to his 17-year old what “oral/regular sex” is, was ready to take his fight to Capitol Hill.

Devotees of the show’s ultra-violence will be relieved to know that at least one person was offended by the “graphic killings,” “sadism” and “dark color to everything,” noting with horror that Sons of Anarchy fans walk amongst us.

Finally, one viewer saw a scene in which a character threatened a baby as a “clear cut case of child abuse,” pointing out the air-tight logic that if they had pointed a gun at an infant, they’d be in jail.

Can’t argue with that. Read the full complaints embedded below, or on the request page.

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