You can’t make this up, folks! InfoWars fans take to the FCC to defend Alex Jones

“If Infowars is considered conspiracy theory news or propagandist, then what is Washington Post, CNN, New York Times, and Fox News considered?”

Written by Caitlin Russell
Edited by JPat Brown

There are so many hilarious, red faced, shirt tearing, pants-on-head-crazy Alex Jones moments that of course there should be a treasure trove of outraged FCC complaints about him.

But of course, dreams are made to be broken, and the world is a terrible place.

A request for FCC complaints for normal website InfoWars turned up a handful of indignant Jones fans furious that their fearless leader was so rudely disrespected by the hosts of other shows.

There’s death threats against “legitimate” news networks …

unfounded accusations of racism …

which, while we’re on the subject, white people are the real victims of …

and this somewhat salient point …

that’s undercut by the fact that while mainstream media is far from perfect, but none of the outlets mentioned above ever claimed to have evidence of Hillary Clinton birthing an alien lifeform out of her mouth.

Read the full complaints embedded below, or on the request page:

Image via Wikimedia Commons