"SHOW SHOULD BE PULLED" Empire FCC complaints

“SHOW SHOULD BE PULLED” Empire FCC complaints

“I would like to express total disgust and unbelief at the awful display of garbage on Fox”

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Season 2 of Fox’s hip-hop soap opera Empire premiers this week. While the show’s record-shattering success would seems to indicate that it’s doing something right, FCC complaints show that at least a few viewers felt that the risqué sexual content shown by advertisements was so very, very wrong.

Yes, despite being a show where a major character is shot in the face within the first thirty minutes of its premier, complaints obtained by Robert Delaware show that people really had a problem with Empire’s sexy commercials.

American Idol viewers were especially appalled by the idea that their children might be exposed to the abstract concept of homosexuality …

Whereas those tuning in to the NFL playoffs didn’t want their football ruined by any reminder of human sexuality whatsoever:

Of the complaints, only one appears to be regarding the show itself rather than an ad, but unfortunately, it’s not particularly detailed in its criticism …

Ok then. Read the full complaints embedded below or on the request page.

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