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FCC complaints allege "Lucifer" is a plot to bring about the apocalypse

FCC complaints allege “Lucifer” is a plot to bring about the apocalypse

Recently released FCC complaints about the police procedural Lucifer show that the series not only drew ire for the usual reasons (sex and violence), but for something far, far more sinister: being a plot by the literal devil to corrupt humanity, summon the Four Horsemen, and bring about the apocalypse.

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"Beyond disturbing" Gotham FCC complaints

“Beyond disturbing” Gotham FCC complaints

Gotham, the fictional city where crimes rules, the police are corrupt, and the “homosexual agenda” is forced upon everyone. Of the 12 complaints submitted to the FCC about FOX’s Batman origin story Gotham, four were about the shows depiction of same-sex couples, while the rest were about violence, or as one complaint put it, “A continuous barrage of unspeakable torture exceeding humanities worst potential.”

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"SHOW SHOULD BE PULLED" Empire FCC complaints

“SHOW SHOULD BE PULLED” Empire FCC complaints

Season 2 of Fox’s hip-hop soap opera Empire premiers this week. While the show’s record-shattering success would seems to indicate that it’s doing something right, FCC complaints show that at least a few viewers felt that the risqué sexual content shown by advertisements was so very, very wrong.

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