Celebrities Read Mean FCC Complaints: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Celebrities Read Mean FCC Complaints: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Irate viewers blast Kimmel’s late night show as liberal propaganda with dick jokes

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A FOIA request to the Federal Communications Commission reveals that conservatives really do not like when comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel talks about politics.

Twenty six complaints released to MuckRock by the FCC run the gamut, from one person concerned about depictions on the late-night comedy show of a “man with his pants at half-mast appearing to insert a bottle in his rectum” …

another upset about “extremely vulgar description of oral and anal sex,” which they believed had taken place …

and “making a sand castle with heavy penis and testicle references.”

Just as concerning was the depiction of two women kissing which was, to quote one complainant from Tennessee, “totally inappropriate for family time hours.”

Complainants seemed most enraged by Kimmel’s recent criticism of the President …

and for, “not giving opposition to his political views equal time.”

Read through the full list of complains below, or on the request page:

Image via Obama White House Archives