Aw, Blerg! 30 Rock FCC complaints

“How in the world do the sensors (sic) allow this crap on the air?”

Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Beryl Lipton

Over its seven-season run, Tina Fey’s critically-acclaimed meta-sitcom received 103 Emmy nominations, 11 SAG awards, and - according to recently completed FOIA request by Tom Nash - nine FCC complaints.

Most took issue with the show’s language …

While others were offended by the subject matter, the sixth season episode “Idiots Are People Three!” in particular drawing ire for its auto-erotic asphyxiation jokes …

And one person just quoted the Tracy Jordan character without providing any context, winning a no-prize for “most Dadaesque FCC complaint:”

Read through the full list of complaints on the request page, or embedded below:

Image by Mattbierner via Wikimedia Commons