"America wants clean wholesome programming" Duck Dynasty FCC compliments

“America wants clean wholesome programming” Duck Dynasty FCC compliments

“Our children, our nation is at risk here. It’s time action is taken. You need to do your job!”

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While A&E’s Duck Dynasty has repeatedly drawn controversy over the Robertson family patriarch’s incendiary comments on, well, everything, FCC “compliments” released under FOIA reveal a dedicated viewer base which holds it as television’s moral compass to which all other shows are judged.

Files released to Robert Delaware show viewers praising the show as a return to acceptable standards of decency …

while another cites the its refreshing lack of adultery:

And in case you thought we were kidding earlier, here’s a complaint directed at “all” forms of entertainment that are not The Bible or Duck Dynasty

However, as we saw with MythBusters there is some guilt by association, with viewers unhappy that their wholesome family entertainment was intercut with commercials for Naked and Afraid

Very, very unhappy:

Finally, we’ll end on with the slipperiest of slippery slope arguments, which starts at full-frontal nudity, and ends with live broadcasts of people being gunned down in the streets.

How long, indeed? Read the full compliments embedded below, or on the request page.

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