"Causing Crazy": Nancy Grace FCC complaints

“Causing Crazy”: Nancy Grace FCC complaints

“Why is the FCC not doing their job to protect us from the media? Why are they allowed to hide behind the First Amendment?”

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Litigator-turned-commentator Nancy Grace’s decade-plus reign on cable news ended a year ago this summer. Beryl Lipton filed for Grace’s last batch of FCC complaints.

There’s the usual causes of public umbrage - blasphemy

literal garden-variety profanity …

and nudity, specifically “butt flesh.”

However, a few complaints stand out - one, endearingly entitled “hlns nancy grace show causing crazy,” questions Grace’s infamous Twitter presence and opines if HLN is some sort of “activist network.”

In a similar vein, a viewer in Hawaii accused activist cable companies of conspiring to cause her nausea and distress by replacing her beloved Brady Bunch with Grace’s “screeching voice.”

Finally, in a complaint directed at Grace’s former parent network (and echoing what we saw in the Breitbart release), demands the FCC do something about the media’s murderous agenda.

Why the First Amendment, indeed. Read the full complaints embedded below, or on the request page:

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