"Shut your mustache!" Parks and Rec FCC complaints

“Shut your mustache!” Parks and Rec FCC complaints

Episode satirizing censorship leads to actual calls for censorship

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NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation made a habit out of lampooning censorship during its recently concluded seven-season run. But the complaints the FCC received show that real censorship proponents are much weirder than comedy writers imagine.

The nine complaints received between 2011 and 2014 include three about commercials aired during the Parks & Rec time slot ( including a “a close up of a cat with an arrow sticking out of its skull” aired during a local news promo that “almost brought my wife to tears”).

Three of the complaints complaints center around the use of the work ‘dick’ …

Then there are a few that stand out for being written either by real-life Marcia Langman or perhaps a bored staff writer at the show. The complaint refers to a painting of Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope rendered as a centaur, which Langman campaigns to have destroyed for its indecency:

Andddd then there’s this one:

Check out all the complaints on the request page, or embedded below.

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