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Requester's Voice: The Trace's Brian Freskos on using public records to explore gun theft

Requester’s Voice: The Trace’s Brian Freskos on using public records to explore gun theft

Over the course of over a year, a team of investigative reporters dug deep into local data to find that across the country, police recovered more than tens of thousands of stolen firearms, the vast majority of which were later connected to crimes including carjackings and kidnappings, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and murders. Using public records, they were able to tell the story behind these stolen guns with a level of detail that had never been done. Here’s how.

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"I thought this was illegal." Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live FCC complaints

“I thought this was illegal.” Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live FCC complaints

While some people found Dave Chappelle’s SNL opener to be a somberly soothing balm on this festering wound of an election, a little over a dozen FCC complaints released via FOIA show others were upset about Chappelle dropping a Quentin Tarantino’s movie worth of n-bombs in his opening monologue, and “implying” that the United States might be the tiniest bit racist.

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"OBSCENE, VERY OBSCENE" Hannibal FCC Complaints

“OBSCENE, VERY OBSCENE” Hannibal FCC Complaints

Last Sunday, NBC’s acclaimed psychological thriller Hannibal wrapped up its third and final season. But while the show’s stylistic blend of culinary carnage quickly earned it cult status, FCC complaints obtained by Robert Delaware reveal that those with milder appetites were left with a bad taste in their mouth.

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"The line needs to be drawn SOMEWHERE" The Office FCC complaints

“The line needs to be drawn SOMEWHERE” The Office FCC complaints

MuckRock’s Tom Nash recently obtained FCC complaints regarding NBC’s office, spanning the show’s last two seasons. While the nature of these complaints is nothing new - almost entirely concerning being reminded of the existence of genitals - there is a refreshing eloquence to them that sets them apart for your run-of-the-mill cries for censorship.

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"Shut your mustache!" Parks and Rec FCC complaints

“Shut your mustache!” Parks and Rec FCC complaints

NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation made a habit out of lampooning censorship during its recently concluded seven-season run. But the complaints the FCC received show that real censorship proponents are much weirder than comedy writers imagine.

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