"I thought this was illegal." Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live FCC complaints

“I thought this was illegal.” Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live FCC complaints

“I cannot believe you allowed the nasty mouth of Dave Chappelle to be aired on regular television. This was not hbo or showtime. Shame on you.”

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While some people found Dave Chappelle’s SNL opener to be a somberly soothing balm on this festering wound of an election, a little over a dozen FCC complaints released via FOIA show others were upset about Chappelle dropping a Quentin Tarantino’s movie worth of n-bombs in his opening monologue, and “implying” that the United States might be the tiniest bit racist.

Then there was this woman, who felt discriminated against because her delicate sensibilities were subjected to a word that her hearing impaired husband was protected from …

another Bible verse out of nowhere …

this legal eagle who believes he’s found the root of all our problems …

And finally, this terrible babysitter who probably forced his or her nephew to have a very uncomfortable conversation about the “right” way to refer to genitalia:

Plus, bonus “think of the children!”

Read the full complaints embedded below, or on the request page:

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