"Beyond disturbing" Gotham FCC complaints

“Beyond disturbing” Gotham FCC complaints

“Is the word damn more damnaging to a young person than seeing a woman, screaming and tied up with a power drill coming after her? C’mon.”

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Gotham, the fictional city where crimes rules, the police are corrupt, and the “homosexual agenda” is forced upon everyone. Of the 12 complaints submitted to the FCC about FOX’s Batman origin story Gotham, four were about the shows depiction of same-sex couples, while the rest were about violence, or as one complaint put it, “A continuous barrage of unspeakable torture exceeding humanities worst potential.”

In fact, some writers blame shows like Gotham for the current state of crime in the country.

Even this person, who identifies themselves as a 24-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, cannot stand the graphic violence depicted in Gotham’s gritty streets.

Despite the protesting parents disputing drills slowly approaching bound a tied up woman’s head, or the fact that the show airs at 8pm on network television, the most indignant outrage seems to come from parents incensed at seeing two women kiss.

Another viewer submitted a complaint succinctly titled “Gays in every TV show”

One complaint wasn’t as upset at the imagery as they were about the message it sends children.

It seems like these writers just want Gotham to be wholesome, like, “wholesome family shows like: Wheel of Fortune, the NEWS, America’s Funnies Videos, Daning with the Stars.”

Finally, we’ll end with that old chestnut, the “sick aside to producers reading FCC complaints burn.”

Read the full complaints embedded below, or on the request page.

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