For International Women's Day, browse the FBI files of famous females

For International Women’s Day, browse the FBI files of famous females

From Equal Rights activists to entertainers, FBI surveillance has been a steady fixture in the lives of prominent American women

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Edited by Michael Morisy

One unexpected fringe benefit of a surveillance state is that it can make for a surprisingly comprehensive biographer. To commemorate International Women’s Day at MuckRock, we put together a collection of all of our articles on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s forays into the lives of prominent women over the decades.

Bella Abzug

Hannah Arendt

Josephine Baker

Helen Gurley Brown

Julia Child

Lady Diana

Hedy Epstein

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Betty Friedan

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Thelma Glass

Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton

Whitney Houston

Ethel Merman

Marilyn Monroe

Bess Myerson

Dorothy Parker

Ayn Rand

Margaret Sanger

Toshi Seeger

Susan Sontag

Margaret Thatcher

Browse a collection of our completed FBI requests on the project page, and if you feel like we’re missing somebody, let us know and we’ll file for it on your behalf.

Image by Warren Leffler via Wikimedia Commons