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Requester's Voice is a regular series that interviews top FOIA and public records experts about how to get the most out of the request process.


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Requester's Voice: American Oversight's Austin Evers

Requester’s Voice: American Oversight’s Austin Evers

Austin Evers is the executive director of American Oversight, an independent watchdog that uses litigation to access documents the public is rightfully entitled to under FOIA protections. After serving as senior counsel to the State Department for transparency-related matters under the Obama Administration, Evers founded American Oversight in response to the election of President Donald Trump. Evers shared his experience in FOIA litigation and offered advice to requesters in an interview with MuckRock.

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Requester's Voice: The Trace's Brian Freskos on using public records to explore gun theft

Requester’s Voice: The Trace’s Brian Freskos on using public records to explore gun theft

Over the course of over a year, a team of investigative reporters dug deep into local data to find that across the country, police recovered more than tens of thousands of stolen firearms, the vast majority of which were later connected to crimes including carjackings and kidnappings, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and murders. Using public records, they were able to tell the story behind these stolen guns with a level of detail that had never been done. Here’s how.

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Requester's Voice: National Security Cinema's Tom Secker

Requester’s Voice: National Security Cinema’s Tom Secker

Tom Secker and Matthew Alford spent years digging into a secret that was hiding in plain sight. Or rather, hiding in movie theaters, television sets, and streaming services everywhere: The secret influence the Department of Defense and intelligence community had on Hollywood. In this Requester’s Voice, Secker shares what he learned.

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