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Is it possible to do a FOIA request for a specific FBI agent? Daniel Cullen February 5, 2021 1
Need help deciphering a FOIA I received Jonathan Grose January 18, 2021 0
Months later I've realized the FOIA response was quoting(answering) a request that was not mine Andrew Bochniak December 10, 2020 1
Any suggestions on dealing with an uncooperative agency? Josh Coffin October 13, 2020 2
Can you request "FOIA Request Logs" for State agencies or does it apply only to Federal agencies? Josh Coffin September 19, 2020 1
How long does it take Muckrock to upload documents once they are received? Hayden Hodges September 17, 2020 0
Need a lawyer to sign a FOIA request? Jonathan Grose September 3, 2020 5
How long does it take for MuckRock to go through the mail? Thomas D. Collinsworth August 14, 2020 0
Question About MuckRock Hayden Hodges August 11, 2020 0
Fix required Lawrence August 10, 2020 1
911 calls Lawrence July 31, 2020 10
A person who cannot write and is the only witness to a murder MK-ultra case John S Captain III July 23, 2020 2
Question Regarding Payment Hayden Hodges July 16, 2020 1
Local PD claiming they can't search entire database Matthew Petti July 1, 2020 1
Does Anyone know if the FBI RIDS Section Chief, David H. Hardy Has Retired ? There Appears to be new FBI Acting RIDS Section Chief, Michael G. Seidel. Don Stone June 26, 2020 2
FOIA request release of information form. Daniel Cullen June 15, 2020 0
help with .mil fee waiver? tedder June 1, 2020 1
Collection of poll tape image in video format Lynn Bernstein May 20, 2020 1
How long does it take Muckrock to upload documents once they are received? Zachary Herold May 7, 2020 0
FOIA request for the complaint filed by Tara Reade Tyler Breisacher April 18, 2020 3
Michigan EGLE new Lockdown FOIA Procedures Robert Potocki March 23, 2020 1
Agency sent a link "via email" to a Cloud Service containing responsive records - Does Muckrock download the installment from the link? PRA Washington February 20, 2020 0
Name associated with FOIA Request Anonymous January 23, 2020 1
Interior Department denying MuckRock requests Jimmy Tobias January 21, 2020 0
using FOIA to fight smear campaign against journalists Christopher Tidmarsh January 14, 2020 0