Does Anyone know if the FBI RIDS Section Chief, David H. Hardy Has Retired ? There Appears to be new FBI Acting RIDS Section Chief, Michael G. Seidel.

Asked by Don Stone on June 26, 2020.

2 answers from Don Stone and Russ Kick.

Don Stone

Has anybody heard anything about the new FBI RIDS acting Section Chief, Michael G. Seidel. I’m wondering if David H. Hardy retired.

This is the first FBI FOIA response I have received signed by Seidel.

Russ Kick

Hi Don, it does appear that Hardy is gone. Seidel has been signing letters as acting chief of RIDS since around June 8. What’s weird is that Seidel has said in sworn court declarations since at least May 2019 that he’s the acting head of RIDS, even though FBI kept sending FOIA response letters attributed to Hardy for the past year.

Don Stone

Russ Ricks,

Thanks, interesting to see a changing of the guards at the RIDS div. I doubt that the FBI stonewalling will cease though.

I’m wondering if their is some type of internal investigation at RIDS. Hardy might just be retiring.