PRA Washington

Agency sent a link to responsive records rather than sending the records via email due to size… as the requester - what if anything do I need to do to retrieve these records?

“We have responsive records ready for disclosure for your request under Public Records Request No. 20-053. Due to the size of the records, we will be sending you a separate email with a link to documents on “Box” (a cloud storage site) where you can view and download the records.

To access the records on the Box, once you receive the separate email, click the “View Folder” icon and follow the prompts to set up a login. Once logged in you should have direct access to the responsive records. You can download or save the records by following the prompts. Once opened, the link will be available for a year after today’s date for you to view and/or download the file(s).

If you do not receive the link within a few minutes after receiving this email, please check your junk folders. If you have any issues or do not receive the link, please let us know.

Please note, in accordance with WAC 392-105-070(8)(e), if you do not open the link to inspect the installment within 10 business days, we will stop searching for the remaining responsive records and close your request.”