John S Captain III

when Tiffany Jenks was killed in Oregon she left my home telling me she will be killed and was. the fact I cannot write well has been my biggest issue to fight for justice in the case,. it allows the cult the power to dismiss my words and Police just do not provide the items., i found this site helpful for ADHD and ADA and now if i find writers to help Tiffanys case known killers will be off the streets and the 8 police who lie will be off the job… Oregon is corrupt..

Jonathan Grose

I suppose I could help you write out an FOIA letter, it’s not very difficult. But, I have to tell you, most of the files from MKULTRA have already been released and and the rest were destroyed, so your chances of getting a response from anybody is pretty low.

You also can’t request an FOIA on a person you’re not related to, as far as I know, it has to be next of kin to request information about a persons death.

John S Captain III

the fact that Mkutra program never named whom they had done this to is yet another unfare act outdsie the abuse… so many lives ruined. thank you. im not sure what to do next we shall see..