Lynn Bernstein

When polls close on election night, a “poll tape” is printed and attached to the precinct door/window. This poll tape shows that the vote counter was at zero at the beginning of the day and shows vote totals for the precinct. In order to ensure that totals were reported accurately, members of the public would need to be there and take images (preferably a video scan) of the poll tape so verification with the board of elections could be done. Any post-election night public records request for this tape may not reflect the actual tape that was printed. How can people load a video scan into a project?

Russ Kick

Hi Lynn— MuckRock posts only documents and communications that it receives directly from agencies via people’s requests. It doesn’t allow users to upload documents on their own. Reason being that MuckRock can guarantee the authenticity of documents only if they’re sent from an agency. Allowing people to upload documents themselves would make verification difficult or impossible.