Andrew Bochniak

I submitted to the IL. governors office a FOIA that read

“Report for each clinical trial or study used by the governor for mandating/requiring/enforcing face masks/coverings as a preventative or protective measure to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)(SARS-CoV-2 ). Including the “latest data and science” as stated often by Governor Pritzker when addressing the public on mask mandates and guidelines.”.

Their response was poor, offering power points and pdf’s that had nothing to do with masks. Annoyed but not surprised i brushed it off as a dishonest governors office trying to pass off anything as relevant data. Cut to months later looking it over again i realized in the cover letter from the governors office’s response they are quoting my request and it is not my request. they claim they are responding to:

“Any and all documents, research, reports, transcripts and/or studies and white papers used in the classification of sports as low, medium or high risk of Covid 19 transmission.”

Which was not my request. This letter says i only have 60days to submit a request for review and its been a number of months. Are there steps i can take to appeal/request a review if they had mistaken my request with someone else’s or failed to correctly address my request?

Hayden Hodges

Hi Andrew,

Because the appeal time period has passed, the best course of action is to re-file the request. After that, if they make a mistake or don’t respond, you can appeal and request a review.

I hope this helps!