You Are Being Followed: Police Social Media Surveillance

We're partnering with LittleSis to launch a crowdfunded, crowdsourced campaign to reveal how police across the country are using social media to monitor people and events.

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Social media surveillance: Back-to-School Edition

Law enforcement have received heat for targeting protesters’ online posts, but schools also employ similar software to ensure students’ speech is also within their limits.

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Social media surveillance is growing in the wake of Geofeedia’s demise

Though major social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook, rescinded access to their APIs from early surveillance software leaders, the market for multi-platform peeks into citizens’ daily digital lives continues to thrive.

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Over 250 agencies have been added to our social media surveillance survey

Think your department doesn’t matter that much? With big data companies looking to sell their wares to any agency that has a budget - and even those that don’t - each one is a potential customer, each one is a potential place in need of oversight.

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What’s the matter with Olathe, Kansas?

Other Kansas agencies have provided responses, so what is it about Olathe, Kansas that makes their materials secret? We’ve asked the state AG to help us find out.

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Help keep an eye on police social media monitoring

MuckRock, with your help, has been filing requests around the country, and as we enter the new year, we’re recommitting to our mission to bring transparency and conversation to the policies and tools that are used to keep us safe.

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Surveillance awareness begins at home

Whether it be through software like Geofeedia or SnapTrends, which help police scan and correlate information from multiple outlets using geolocation information, or via their own personal profile pages, we want to know what baggage an online presence brings in this new era.

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Over 150 people have joined us in shedding light on your feed’s police stalkers

For over a week, MuckRock has been accepting your submissions for our social media surveillance survey, and as of today, over a hundred of you have suggested towns and cities nationally as subjects for our inquiry.

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Pinning down the police departments, big and small, stalking your feeds

Last week, Twitter announced its renunciation of data from social media surveillance software Geofeedia, and MuckRock asked you to find out more from your local police departments. Since then, 21 have taken the charge to bring greater transparency to the ways law enforcement is monitoring your Newsfeed.

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In the wake of social media spying backlash, help MuckRock explore online surveillance in your town

Twitter joined Facebook and Instagram in blocking access to its data by Geofeedia. As part of a project on protester surveillance with Color of Change, MuckRock has received materials from, among other places, Cooks County, home of the social media monitoring software company, and we’d like you to help us look at similar policies near your home.

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#Followed: How police across the country are employing social media surveillance

LittleSis is partnering up with MuckRock to investigate how police across the country are monitoring, tracking, and archiving public social media posts.

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Detroit PD Social Media Surveillance

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