As part its psychic research, the CIA explored claims of Soviet superweapons

As part its psychic research, the CIA explored claims of Soviet superweapons

Agency’s STARGATE archives includes a copy of Tom Bearden’s “STAR WARS NOW!” paper, which warns of “Tesla Howitzers” knocking down American ICBMs

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

As part of its ongoing psychic research in the ’80s, the Central Intelligence Agency explored the ideas of notorious “free energy” advocate Tom Bearden, according to one of Bearden’s papers discovered in the CREST archives by Mike Lewinski.

In particular, the Agency was interested in “STAR WARS NOW!,” Bearden’s warning of Soviet weaponization of electromagnetic fields to create superweapons such as the “Tesla Howitzer”

which, on top of standard-issue physical destruction, could be modified to literally fire time at its targets.

Bearden’s paper is no mere academic exercise - he warns that the Soviets have been developing these weapons for decades …

and that “numerous open-source examples” attest to the danger posed by their testing.

If they weren’t stopped, soon the Soviets could strike anywhere with impunity - and, even worse, with “Tesla Shield” technology …

they’d be completely immune to nuclear retaliation.

As Bearden breathlessly concludes, the only hope is the establishment of a new “Manhattan Project” to develop defenses against these superweapons - one presumably headed by Bearden himself.

As far as we can tell, no such project was ever established. Our continued survival can only be attributed to the fortunate fact that the Soviets were apparently too busy developing mind control plots, yoga-powered super-soldiers, and physic nukes to perfect this particular doomsday weapon. Talk about dodging a scalar wave beam!

Read Bearden’s paper on the CREST website or, if you’re really into it, you can buy it in paperback from Bearden’s website.