The Pentagon collected research that warned Soviets with “super-human abilities” could shoot lightning out of their hands

The Pentagon collected research that warned Soviets with “super-human abilities” could shoot lightning out of their hands

Report also discussed wounds healed by “biological fields” for healing, and using the human body as a light bulb battery

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As late as 1990, reports collected by the Pentagon show the U.S. Government was willing to take seriously reports that the Soviets were able to manifest “ball lightning” by using the brain as a “superconductor.”

A member of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) took interest in an article from the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science which was itself apparently a translation and summary of an article from the Soviet Science and Life magazine, and then retranslated the Chinese translation for the Pentagon’s files and incorporation into the STARGATE program.

The article focused on those it called “super-sensitives - one who is a master of super-perception.” According to the Pentagon’s translation, these super-sensitives have “amazing abilities” that let them diagnose and treat illnesses “with results better than doctors” while using only their own hands. The super-sensitive would, according to the article, “feel the biological field with his hands.” Over time, according to the Pentagon’s translation, their abilities would improve until they had “super human abilities to cure ailments.”

The translation goes on to describe a conversation with the “deputy director of the Soviet Academy of Sciences Radio Technology and Electronics Institute and director of the Radio Electronics Remote Sensing Methods Graduate Body Laboratory.” Their conversation soon turned to a “mysterious biological field” and a “plan which can detect evidence of a crime” and transmitting it - but only to a super-sensitive who “can cause his biological field to intensify six fold.” They then referenced the work of Franz Mesmer, a man who was discredited over 200 years ago.

The Soviet then asserted that the brain somehow acts a superconductor, which allowed super-sensitives to create “ball lightning” within a “channel” of energy which they would create by concentrating and presumably superconducting.

According to discussions with a lab researcher, physicist, and mathematician, the Soviets had, while researching control of body temperature, discovered that “the electrical power source is on the skin.”

They also explained that the body’s “electric power source” was the result of “friction generated electricity” - commonly known as static electricity.

Their conversation then turned to using the heat produced by the human body as a power source. Yes, that is basically the plot of The Matrix.

The translation also reports that these “super-sensitives” are able to bring dead plants back to life. Yes, that and using touch to magically heal people is basically the plot of E.T.

If you’re at all incredulous about these super humans who can resurrect plants, heal people with their hands, and shoot ball lightning out of them, then “your [sic] are an arrogant stupid ass” - at least according to the document.

You can read the full article, which again, the Pentagon felt was worth translating and which CIA preserved, below.

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