Unearthing CREST: CIA's Declassified Archives

After our three-year lawsuit led to the public release of 13 million pages of declassified CIA records, we've begun a daily-deep dive into the depths of the Agency's seven-decade history.

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Our three year saga to release 13 million pages of CIA secrets


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The CIA and Jack Gregersen's exploding hat

The CIA and Jack Gregersen’s exploding hat

A letter in the Central Intelligence Agency’s declassified archives shows that in late 1959, the Agency received an unsolicited suggestion from a helpful citizen on how to best weaponize haberdashery. While there’s no record that the CIA ever followed through on the advice, or even responded to the letter, it apparently left enough of an impression to remain classified for the next 44 years.

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Recently declassified records outline the psychological warfare aspect of D-Day

Recently declassified records outline the psychological warfare aspect of D-Day

Formerly TOP SECRET records in Central Intelligence Agency’s archives, only declassified in 2013, outline the Office of Strategic Services plan to wage psychological warfare against Nazi Germany ahead of the D-Day invasion.

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On This Day in CIA History: April 29, 1951

On This Day in CIA History: April 29, 1951

On this day 68 years ago, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Current Intelligence Bulletin contained financial concerns from around the globe, including Agency comments on the arrest of an Associated Press reporter, inflation in Korea, and India’s position in the United Nations.

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