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Former House Majority Leader worked with the CIA to use a Congressional investigation for propaganda - and it backfired

Declassified CIA documents describe the Agency’s agreement to work with a Senator’s plan to use a 1952 Congressional investigation into Soviet war crimes for propaganda purposes. While it may have worked in the short run, documents indicate that both Agency and State Department personnel believe it may have backfired, and led to charges the U.S. was using biological weapons in Korea.

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Help MuckRock track down Hunter S. Thompson’s full criminal record

The antics of hell raiser Hunter S. Thompson occupy a permanent place in the culture of anti-authoritarian American angst. In honor of the birthday HST certainly never expected to reach, MuckRock wants your help in tracking down what’s left of the paperwork the rebel king forced the bureaucrats to fill out.

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50 Cakes of FOIA, one year later

Last year, to celebrate FOIA’s 50th birthday, we began collecting photos of Commanders-in-chief with cakes, with the goal of creating the most comprehensive archive of presidential pastry ever assembled. Today, we’re checking in to see if our efforts to free chief executive confections bore frosted fruit.

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Memo in CIA’s Kissinger archive hints Jack Anderson was informing on Bob Woodward

According to a recently uncovered memo in the CIA’s Kissinger archive, Jack Anderson let word of Bob Woodward’s investigation into the Nixon pardon slip to the National Security Council.

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FBI investigated Ayn Rand superfan who saw himself as the heir apparent to her Objectivist philosophy

Ayn Rand had a competitor for status as the most dizzyingly incoherent and morally questionable writer of the 20th century: her stalker. FBI files released to Emma Best show that the unnamed man sent Rand dozens of mommy issue-riddled letters over the course of the late ’60s, some making threats on her life.

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