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The Rest of CREST

13 million pages of declassified CIA records is bound to contain some earth-shattering revelations. These are the fun ones.

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CIA’s 60 year war with the Government Accountability Office: the conclusion

Since 1949, for 68 of CIA’s 70 years, the Agency has waged a war against the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and what CIA described as its “army of auditors.” Not until 2010 was Congress ready to grant GAO that authority, though the provision was dropped under threat of a veto from President Obama. The end result is a hard line that meant the Agency would almost certainly refuse to cooperate at all with any probe that they felt was oversight related. This interactive timeline offers a blow-by-blow of the last seven decades, explaining how and why things got to where they are today.

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Don’t call it the Deep State: CIA archive reveals existence of secret network of ex-spies

A document in CIA’s archive points to the existence of an unofficial “Common Interest Network” of retired intelligence officers. The network, also known as CIN - “as in living-in-sin” according to one of its founders - exists to coordinate the efforts of different organizations. Described as “an unofficial Intelligence Community,” it doesn’t exist except as an abstract, with no chairman, no agenda, and “not even the formality of a rotating host list.” Yet it exists, meeting to discuss influencing Congress and the press, to successfully attack the Freedom of Information Act, and to coordinate the efforts of the organizations that make up the Common Interest Network.

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Exploring trends in the CIA’s CREST database

When the CIA released its CREST database online, it created a historical treasure trove of 13 million pages, more than any one researcher is likely to ever comb through. Fortunately, we’re able to have a computer do that for you, following various trends in what the Agency is paying attention to in a given year.

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Five times CIA hid awful programs in boring names

Take it from the CIA - if you want to get away with murder, just say you’re committing a “potentially involuntary redistribution of consciousness.” Here are five times the Agency used jargon to get away with the jarring.

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Win friends and destroy your enemies with CIA’s wartime guide to bribery and blackmail

A field manual in CIA’s archives explained how to use bribery and blackmail to destroy enemies and influence people.

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