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A look at government investigations of hackers and their works.

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The government has hundreds of thousands of pages of documents on hackers, hacking groups and high profile hacks, some of that the government investigated and some that the government infiltrated. From the FBI, to the Secret Service and the many government agencies that’ve been hacked. These files are important pieces of history for the evolution of the cyber domain, government investigations, and hacktivism. All costs go towards the release of the files, which will be made publicly available.

Backed by Brooke Ganz, Paul Galante, Kelly Shortridge, Thomas Dullien, and 26 others.

$3,128.37 raised out of $9,500.01.

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So far, over three million pages of FBI records identified, funds have been raised for 124,250. Over 6,700 have been released so far – with much, much more pending.


Justin Tanner Petersen – 6,521 total pages, 2,457 released, more to come

David Kernell – 2,871,253 pages ($15 for every 500 pages)

Stakkato - 16 pages

Sl1nk - 33 pages


Cult of the Dead Cow – (69 pages released), more requested

Global kOS4 pages released

LulzSec – 7,500 pages ($220 – funded!)

GoatSec – 15,374 pages ($460)

AntiSec174 pages previously released, more to come

UGNazi86 pages released, more to come.

Hacking Team2 pages released

Legion of Doom – 46,250 pages ($1,598.50 – funded separately!)

OurMine – 25,173 pages ($760 – funded!)

Infinite Possibilities Society/Dr. Ripco - 4 pages


414 hack of Los Alamos - 321 pages released

WANK worm3 pages released

Solar Sunrise - 201 pages released

NCSS Hack - 300+ pages


FBI International Cyber Sweep for DDoS Attackers – 32,000 pages ($955)

Operation BART6,267 pages released, more to come.

Malware & Viruses

Slammer Worm - 285,121 pages ($8560.00)

Morris Worm - DARPA - 31 pages released

Michaelangelo Virus - FBI - 17 pages released

Melissa Virus - FBI - 14 Pages released

AIDS Trojan - FBI - 19 Pages released

Locky Ransomware - FBI - 15 pages


Google (victim of cyber attacks) – 20,111 pages ($610), 288 pages released

Operation Payback18,649 pages identified

Lots more to come, you can see the full list of the requests here.

Read more about the project here.

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