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Scientology is Fair Game

The Church of Scientology's "Fair Game" practice was a way of targeting its enemies, including ruining their reputation, attempting to have them committed to a mental facility, trying to drive them to suicide and infiltrating dozens of government agencies. This project focuses on the Church's "Fair Game" practices and other unethical behavior.

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While hunting Soviet spy, FBI feared angering Scientologists

A Priority Teletype from the FBI’s Legat in London to the Director outlined an interesting opportunity - the Bureau had been asked to help with a case involving Stig Bergling, a Swede who had apparently been spying for the Soviets, and a woman in the Tampa area might have information as to his whereabouts. There was just one snag - they were afraid it might lead to a confrontation with the Church of Scientology.

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Death at a Scientology-backed drug rehab center

Narconon is a Scientology-affiliated drug rehab program with multiple US and international locations, known for using unorthodox, non-medicinal detox methods. While the program insists that its treatment methods are sound and that it does not preach Scientology, law enforcement records concerning a facility in Oklahoma - which includes reports of three deaths - speaks to their opponent’s concerns.

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