Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma Public Records Guide

Oklahoma Open Records Act (ORA)

OK Title 51, Sections 24A.1-30

Enacted in 1959


Oklahoma has no mandatory response times, no administrative appeals process, and no requirement of citizenship to request. In general, fees are limited to the actual cost of copying unless the request is unusually burdensome or a fully commercial request. Agencies must designate a public records officer to receive and process requests.

The legislature and judiciary are subject to the public records insofar as requested records detail the receipt or expenditure of public funds. Executive records are generally subject to the public records law except when they’re specifically exempted.

The Law

  • No deadlines for response
  • No appeals process
  • Generally fees are limited to direct copying costs, and are waived if request is in public interest


The Details

Can you submit a request if you’re not a resident?


To whom does this apply?




Yes, but only to the extent that the records detail the receipt or expenditure of public funds.


Yes, but only to the extent that the records detail the receipt or expenditure of public funds.

Who is exempted?

No one.

Is there a designated records custodian?

Yes, each public body designates a records custodian under OKLA. STAT. tit. 51, &3167 24A.5(6).

How long do they have to respond?

There is no statutory timeframe for a response, although agencies are expected to provide “prompt, reasonable access.”

Does the agency have to give you a tracking number or estimated date of completion?


Can they ask why you ask?

Not beyond what is required for them to fulfill their obligations under the law.

What enforcement?

There is no formal appeal process, so litigation is the primary enforcement mechanism. Officials found guilty of violating the act may be fined up to $500.


Request fees are generally limited to the direct cost of materials required in fulfilling the request and not to exceed 25 cents per page for 8 1/2 by 14 inches or less. However, requests deemed purely commercial (which does not include media requesters) or which would be unduly burdensome may recover fees for search time.

Are there fee waivers for media requests or those made in the public interest?

Fees are not to be charged for requests in the public interest unless the request is disruptive to the agency’s day-to-day duties.

Attorney’s fees - Can you win them?


Exemptions and Appeals

What exemptions exist?

According to NFOIC, exemptions cover state evidentiary privilege; real estate appraisals; personnel records; registration files of sex offenders; public officials’ personnel notes; business-related bids; computer programs; medical market research; and certain educational records including student records.

Do they have to tell you why a portion or pages were redacted or withheld?


How much time do you have to appeal?

Not applicable.

Can you appeal to the courts?




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No Responsive Documents196
Awaiting Acknowledgement72
Awaiting Response38
Requiring Action121
Appeals awaiting response4
Allowed Response Time
No limit
Average Response Time
159 days
Success Rate
Average Fee
3.78% of requests have a fee

Top Agencies See All

Agency Requests
Oklahoma City Police Department 116
Tulsa Police Department 63
Office of the Attorney General - Oklahoma 55
Department of Corrections 46
Office of the Governor of Oklahoma 43
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety 24
Oklahoma Department of Human Services 18
University of Oklahoma 17
Norman Police Department 15
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 15

Top Localities See All

Jurisdiction Requests
Oklahoma City, OK 142
Tulsa, OK 80
Oklahoma County, OK 22
Norman, OK 20
Lawton, OK 15
Tulsa County, OK 13
Broken Arrow, OK 11
Mcalester, OK 7
Edmond, OK 7
Shawnee, OK 6