FBI investigated a pair of Bureau impersonators at Disney World

FBI investigated a pair of Bureau impersonators at Disney World

Perpetrator’s disguise included a realistic-looking FBI badge - and less convincing shorts and tank top

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Files originally released to Jason Smathers show that in the Summer of 1989, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Tampa office launched a brief investigation into reports that two individuals that identified themselves as FBI agents to Walt Disney World maintenance workers. How were staff able to determine that these two weren’t legitimate G-men? Well, at least one of the perpetrators was wearing shorts and a tank top.

We all know how J. Edgar Hoover felt about shorts.

After the July 17th, 1989 incident, the maintenance workers were asked to provide statements regarding the day’s events.

The employee reports give vague details about the imposters. The duo parked their red rented Oldsmobile near an office trailer and began looking at a maintenance employee. The pair was approached and questioned, which is when they produced fake credentials.

The Oldsmobile reportedly followed a manager’s car as it pulled out, and the pair drove around the parking lot pointing towards the woods and checking license plates. In the second and third reports, employees state that one of the fake agents went into the office trailer and asked to use the telephone, which was disconnected at the time.

According to a Disney letter from a day after the incident, while the reports revealed “everything except the license plates,” they ultimately did not help in identifying the perpetrators.

With no leads and no helpful information, in September of 1989, the case was closed.

Was this simply two friends trying to get into Disney World for free or part of a more sinister plot? And while we’re asking rhetorical questions, why go through the trouble of creating fake FBI badges but not splurge on realistic costumes? We may never know what these two wanted, but one thing is for sure: they probably didn’t get it.

Read the full report below, and the rest on the FBI file on the request page.

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