MuckRock's Dog or Hot Dog Challenge

MuckRock’s Dog or Hot Dog Challenge

Can you tell if these mayors are being photographed with man’s best friend, or man’s worst food?

Edited by JPat Brown

It’s dog week here at MuckRock, and we’re kicking things off with a challenge to you, dear reader. We requested photos of mayors in major cities around the country with either dogs, or with hot dogs. Now it’s up to you to guess - are these mayors hanging with Shih tzus or sausages?

Let’s start on our home turf of Boston, Massachusetts. Is the look of joy on Mayor Marty Walsh’s face because of a dog or a hot dog?


Dog or Hot Dog? ![null]( If you guessed dog, you’re right! This dog is as large as Walsh’s smile.

Time to make this game a little harder …


Is Walsh half smiling for a wiener or a wiener dog?

Dog or Hot Dog? ![null]( I know it says sausage in big letters but it also says 'hot dogs' on the sign, so this photo counts.

Finally to conclude Walsh’s run in this game - is he glancing down at a french terrier or a frank?


Dog or Hot Dog? Might as well call this picture the downward dog because the correct answer is ... dog! ![null](

Time to up the ante for round two - we’re moving on to Mayor Lee Brand of Fresno, California.


Is he showing his teeth for a cool pup or a hot dog?

Dog or Hot Dog? ![null]( He’s spending time with the cleverly named Victor E bulldog, the mascot of Fresno State!

Alright, this one is a little harder. Think you can get it?


Dog or Hot Dog? ![null]( It’s blurry but it’s a dog (well, actually two).

Final question of round two: Is former Mayor Megan Barry of Nashville, Tennessee hanging with a hot dog or chilling with a canine?


Dog or Hot Dog? ![null]( She’s sharing the spotlight with an adorable pup!

Final round: Still a chance to turn this around - this round is worth bonus points because it’s so hard.

Is Joe Hogsett, the Mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana, clutching a hot dog or gazing upon a real dog?


Dog or Hot Dog? ![null]( Three hot dogs in this photo so give yourself three extra points.

And the prize are … these two photos of current Nashville Mayor David Briley …


and bonus Walsh!


Happy dog week!

Image via Boston Mayor’s Office Flickr