Tennessee, USA

Tennessee Public Records Guide

Tennessee is one of a number of states that currently restricts some or all public records requests to its own citizens (A full list of states with such restrictions). MuckRock may use volunteer proxy filers to file requests in this state.

In this instance, the regulation granting the right to citizen requesters is the Tennessee Open Records Act:

The records custodian may also require any citizen making a request to view a public record or to make a copy of a public record to present a photo identification, if the person possesses a photo identification, issued by a governmental entity, that includes the person's address. If a person does not possess a photo identification, the records custodian may require other forms of identification acceptable to the records custodian.

In addition to MuckRock, the following resources and organizations might prove useful to requesters seeking information from Tennessee:

  • The RCFP Tennessee Open Government Guide provides a quality overview of Tennessee's open records and open meeting laws, including citations to relevant case laws and guides to common questions and situations.

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The following users have generously volunteered as MuckRock's proxy filers in this state:
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Request Record
296 Filed
69 Completed
63 Rejected
35 No Responsive Documents
37 Awaiting Acknowledgement
13 Awaiting Response
44 Requiring Action
46 Overdue
Allowed Response Time
7 days
Average Response Time
43 days
Success Rate
Average Fee
3.38% of requests have a fee

Top Agencies See All

Agency Requests Pages Released
Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security 118 564
Department of Corrections 85 714
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department 59 153
Shelby County Health Department 37 308
Memphis Police Department 37 10
Knoxville Police Department 30 9
Department of Commerce and Insurance 27 29
Memphis International Airport Police Department 24 9
Nashville Metro Water Services 21 2
Department of General Services 18 40

Top Localities See All

Jurisdiction Requests Pages Released
Nashville, TN 130 184
Memphis, TN 87 211
Shelby County, TN 41 308
Knoxville, TN 32 9
Hamilton County, TN 15 119
Chattanooga, TN 15 5
Nashville-Davidson County, TN 12 5
Dickson County, TN 11 0
Brentwood, TN 11 0
Clarksville, TN 7 94