Keep ’em filing: MuckRock looking for more volunteer in-state proxies

Keep ’em filing: MuckRock looking for more volunteer in-state proxies

Help needed for Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware and New Hampshire

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

For reasons too frustrating to get into right now, ten states have restrictions within their public record laws that allow them to deny requests from “non-citizens,” meaning anyone out of state. So if you’re a reporter in Chicago filing in Arkansas for a request related to a national story, this is the response you’d get …

…regardless of demonstrable public interest.

To get around this, MuckRock followed the advice of the Supreme Court and set up a system of resident proxies, volunteers who serve as our in-state representatives. Right now, we need proxies for:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas (Urgent)
  • Delaware
  • New Hampshire

If you live in one of those states - or your know somebody who does - please consider helping out. As a MuckRock proxy requester, you’ll enable others to continue to demand accountability. In exchange, you’ll get your own Professional MuckRock account - 20 requests a month and all that comes with them - and the gratitude of the transparency community.

Interested in helping the cause? Let us know at or via the form below.

Image via US National Archives Flickr