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You can FOIA selfies … so long as they’re of Paul Krugman

Back in 2014, journalist J.K. Trotter received in response to a FOIL request correspondence between City University of New York and economist/New York Times columnist/cat aficionado Paul Krugman, regarding an upcoming gig at their Income Inequality Institute. While Krugman’s $225,000 salary drew significant attention, there was one email in particular that stood out for the hardcore Krugman wonks - the one about the selfies. In response, Trotter filed for said selfies, and the rest is #OpenGov history.

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The CIA’s declassified UFO photos are garbage

As you may be aware, part of the CIA’s CREST release included an extensive archive of files pertaining to UFOs, including photos of supposed sightings. As you might not be aware, the majority of those photos are hot garbage. And so, to round out our week of X-Files themed records, we’re going to take you on a tour of the most dubious examples of extraterrestrial evidence the Agency collected over the years.

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Ceci n’est pas une FBI Director

J. Edgar Hoover received a slew of accolades over his long career, but not all elicited the FBI Director’s enthusiastic response.

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Ronald Reagan’s Irish spy joke

When Ronald Reagan signed the controversial Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 into law, he did so with panache, holding the ceremony at CIA HQ. Before an assembled crowd of friendly members of the Intelligence Community, Reagan felt comfortable enough to start with what he called “an ethnic joke:” the one about Murphy the spy.

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Was the CIA behind Ronald Reagan’s Russia routine?

One of the gems uncovered so far amid the 13 million pages of declassified CIA records released this week is a list of Soviet jokes prepared for the Agency’s Deputy Director. One joke in particular, poking fun at Ronald Reagan, stands out - and apparently, Reagan agreed, working it into his “stories from Russia” routine.

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