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MuckRock's Dog or Hot Dog Challenge

MuckRock’s Dog or Hot Dog Challenge

It’s dog week here at MuckRock, and we’re kicking things off with a challenge to you, dear reader. We requested photos of mayors in major cities around the country with either dogs, or with hot dogs. Now it’s up to you to guess - are these mayors hanging with Shih tzus or sausages?

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How much did your town spend on its shot at being Amazon's second headquarters?

How much did your town spend on its shot at being Amazon’s second headquarters?

Towns across the nation aren’t just offering Amazon decades of property tax-free residency. Some also spent taxpayer dollars to put together the bids for Amazon’s second headquarters. Fresno, California spent $1,000 for the promotional video they had made. Camden County, New Jersey, authorized spending up to $40,000 on the bid’s design, renderings, videos and more from an architecture firm. On the other hand, many places spent nothing at all.

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