The CIA college tour: Crowdsourcing contest winners

The CIA college tour: Crowdsourcing contest winners

MuckRock readers discovered links between the Agency and Amherst, Cornell, and Ohio State University

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For back-to-school week, we tasked MuckRock readers with combing through the Central Intelligence Agency archives to find the strangest tie between your alma mater and the intelligence community. Here’s what you found!


Adam Ketchum writes:

In response to the Church Report, the president of Amherst College asked CIA Director G. H. W. Bush if the CIA was spying on the college. Worth noting that in a few months, a professor at the college would sue the CIA for allegedly tampering with his mail. Also the next year (1977) would see an Amherst College alumni appointed as Director of the CIA.


@mcculloughirvin writes

Agency’s Coordinator for Academic Relations wrote a letter to an professor of economics, asking for his help recruiting students for a CIA internship, demonstrating CIA’s attempt to recruit Ivy League students through their professors.

Ohio State University

Ryan Mason writes:

A recruiter for the CIA was dosed with paint on the campus of Ohio State University. Ohio State is not known for its student activism.

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