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Help build a comprehensive timeline of CIA’s history

For 70 years, CIA has been working on learning about and challenging threats to the United States - both imagined and real. Keeping track of all of its masked maneuvers can be a bit tricky, which is why MuckRock has begun an ongoing chronology of the Agency’s life. Join us in compiling primary sources on the Agency’s long and winding ways, and help inform others about the breadth and depth of our lead intelligence organization’s part in world affairs.

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New York City shows how easy divesting from private prisons can be

Divesting from companies at the municipal level is a city-wide form of direct action that, this summer, New York City used this against for-profit prisons.

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Social media surveillance: Back-to-School Edition

Law enforcement have received heat for targeting protesters’ online posts, but schools also employ similar software to ensure students’ speech is also within their limits.

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State University of New York didn’t comply with a law that required an audit of their sexual assault procedures

Last May, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the “Enough Is Enough” law, which requires schools in the state to complete a review of compliance with standardized sexual assault policies, with a preliminary report ordered to be ready by September 1st of this year. In light of this, we filed a request with the State University of New York (SUNY), a system of public colleges comprised of 64 campuses, asking for the results of Cuomo’s audit at all SUNY campuses. SUNY responded that they had no results to show - an audit was never conducted.

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Five of the best - and five of the worst - sexual assault response policies across the country

The care rape victims receive is entirely dependent on where the crime occurred. Good sexual assault response policies are comprised of a number of initiatives, including (but not limited to) specific officer training, a victim-centered approach, access to victim advocates, guidelines for submitting kits to labs, and victim notification. Based on what we’ve seen in our reporting so far, we’ve rounded up a list of the five best - and the five worst - sexual assault response policies across the country.

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