Have three minutes? Take action on policing accountability

Have three minutes? Take action on policing accountability

It’s easy to demand answers from your local police department. Let us help.

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In every corner of the country, people are wondering what they can do to improve relationships between neighbors and within communities. An important element of the answer will involve trust.

MuckRock has made it even easier for people to demand more access and accountability for police departments in the United States. For more than a decade, MuckRock has been helping activists, journalists, and concerned individuals just like you get better acquainted with their local government, including their local police.

We have a number of Assignments — easy forms to help you contribute to our investigations — that focus on police operations.

We’re working to get the answers to important questions like, “How much are police departments spending to settle misconduct lawsuits?” and “What policies dictate how officers can use force?”

We want to include you in our effort. Make a quick visit to our project page. You’ll find easy ways your feedback can jumpstart more trust through transparency and more accountability through your action.

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