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The same billionaire that funded Trump’s campaign bankrolled Milo’s college speaking tour

Curious how much college Republicans were shelling out to have Milo Yiannopoulos come to their campus, Matthew Guariglia requested records related to his speaking tour. What he found led to a larger understanding of the few super-rich individuals funding a conservative movement.

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Manual on protesting CIA drew the Agency’s ire

A 1987 CIA memo shows that the Agency was not only deeply concerned about anti-CIA protests on college campuses in the United States, but held the protestors themselves in derision.

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The missing missing brains of UT Austin

What’s spookier than the mysterious disappearance of half of a university’s rare brain collection? The inadequate record-keeping that ensures they’ll stay gone.

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The strangest military gear on campus police’s back to school shopping list

Through the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, police departments are eligible to receive secondhand supplies once used by the U.S. military. Among the participating agencies are those hired by public educational institutions – state colleges, universities, and K-12 school districts. Some of these items are pretty standard, some are frightening to think about, and some are pretty difficult to make sense of. Below are a few of the latter.

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Requester’s Voice: Persis Yu of the NCLC

Persis Yu is an attorney with the National Consumer Law Center. Last March, Yu requested documents describing the incentives and bonuses built into the contracts of private companies the Department of Education hires to collect student loan debt. The documents she received were redacted to the point of being useless, Yu said. After appealing the redactions, the NCLC never heard back from DOE. Earlier this month, the NCLC filed a suit against the department for the documents.

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