Read the FBI's guide to Mardi Gras

Read the FBI’s guide to Mardi Gras

Mostly redacted assessments warn of potential threat from religious fundamentalists, white supremacists, and Occupy Mardi Gras

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

In response to a FOIA request, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has released several years’ worth of Special Event Threat Assessments regarding Mardi Gras …

which, as the Bureau repeatedly reminds us, “literally means ‘Fat Tuesday’.”

Like previous SETAs we’ve seen, the reports are heavily redacted, though what remains cites potential danger from religious fundamentalists …

white supremacists …

and, oddly enough, Occupy Mardi Gras.

The latter is only identified in a unredacted footnote that most likely refers to the section on “Potential Protests or Disruptions,” however an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force report from the year prior had listed Occupy Wall Street among domestic terrorist groups.

Read the full SETAs embedded below or on the request page.

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